Comprehensive diagnostics of ENT diseases in children and adult

Innovative diagnostics & treatment methods, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the ear, nose, throat, larynx, and vestibular system

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    About Hearing Centre

    Hearing Centre has been providing quality medical services in Ivano-Frankivsk since 2014. We work to improve the quality of life for people with hearing impairments and diseases of the ears, nose, and throat. We follow international treatment standards and use evidence-based solutions to help patients with ear, nose, and throat conditions.

    We offer a full range of services to improve your hearing: from the diagnosis of hearing problems in patients of all ages to the effective correction of hearing loss with the help of modern hearing aids.

    Through cooperation with international organizations, Hearing Center is able to provide hearing aids free of charge to children from vulnerable groups, as well as provide consultations and surgical interventions in cooperation with foreign specialists.

    Why people trust us?

    Team of qualified specialists

    Modern equipment

    Multidisciplinary approach

    Hearing aids fitting

    Diagnostics of the ear, nose, throat and larynx

    Individual approach to each patient

    Treatment of complex pathologies of the ENT organs

    Hearing aid warranty 12-24 months

    We invite you to check your ear, throat, nose,
    larynx and vestibular system!

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      Our services

      Specialist consultations
      Hearing diagnosis
      Medical manipulations
      Hearing aids selection

      Our Team

      Ostap Orishchak: Otolaryngologist, pediatric otolaryngologist

      Ostap Orishchak

      Otolaryngologist, pediatric otolaryngologist

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      Roman Fishchuk : Otolaryngologist, audiologist, pediatric otolaryngologist

      Roman Fishchuk

      Otolaryngologist, audiologist, pediatric otolaryngologist

      Mykola Novitsky : Audiologist, pediatric otolaryngologist

      Mykola Novitsky

      Audiologist, pediatric otolaryngologist

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      Iryna Guraevskaya : Audiologist, otolaryngologist

      Iryna Guraevskaya

      Audiologist, otolaryngologist

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      Nazariy Romanyuk : Neurologist, otoneurologist

      Nazariy Romanyuk

      Neurologist, otoneurologist

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      Yordana Golembyovska : Nurse, administrator

      Yordana Golembyovska

      Nurse, administrator

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      We will help you or your child to hear the future!

        By clicking on the request button, you agree to the terms of personal data processing.

        Feedback From Our Patients

        Iryna Yemchura

        I am very happy that we have such a clinic in Ivano-Frankivsk. Doctors are real professionals, and the main thing is that the clinic is equipped with the latest diagnostic devices. We were really pleasantly shocked!

        I recommend to everyone !!!

        Andriy Sokolovsky

        What I especially liked were the people who work here!!! People who are passionate about their work, are constantly evolving and, most importantly, there is a feeling that they want to help you here) In addition, I know that this institution is constantly attracting foreign professionals to cooperate! Definitely recommend!

        Ivanna Bodrug

        Before visiting the Hearing Center, my child did not like similar places, and after examination by a wonderful and friendly professional Ostap Romanovych, the son asked: “And when will we return here?” They have here the state-of-the-art technologies and highly qualified specialists. The diagnosis was made correctly, the treatment gave a positive result. Thank you very much, Ostap Romanovych!


        It is very cool when there are people in the city who are completely dedicated to their work and are ready to give not only adults but also children a wonderful feeling to HEAR the world around them.
        Professional examinations, comfortable conditions, and sincere attitude to patients.
        Definitely recommend!

        Kateryna Fischuk

        Liked: a qualified and friendly young team with experience studying abroad and working with foreign specialists. Full set of quality equipment that is not available in every institution in Ukraine. ASSR, ABR and objective audiometry are performed.
        Overall impression: I liked the doctor’s approach, he explained everything in great detail. Very pleasant impression in general.

        Oksana Lutsak

        I really liked everything! Beautiful, clean, bright and spacious room, and most importantly friendly and positive staff. The ability to pre-register by phone is very convenient and helps to avoid long queues.
        There are real professionals who listen carefully to the patient, examine in detail and provide competent advice. Definitely recommend!

        Price List

        Consultations of specialists
        Otolaryngologist (ENT) consultation with endoscopic examination
        450 UAH
        Audiologist consultation
        350 UAH
        Neurologist consultation
        350 UAH
        Hearing examination
        Hearing screening by registration of otoacoustic emission (OAE test)
        Audiometry for adults and children aged 7 and above with audiologist consultation
        400 UAH
        Play audiometry for children from 2.5 years to 7 year
        450 UAH
        Visual reinforcement (behavioral) audiometry for children under 2.5 years
        500 UAH
        Tympanometry with registration of acoustic reflexes
        200 UAH
        Combined: Pure tone audiometry and speech audiometry with audiologist consultation
        500 UAH
        ASSR test (Auditory Steady State Response Audiometry)
        1000 UAH
        ABR test (Auditory Brainstem Response)
        600 UAH
        Combined objective hearing examination ASSR & ABR
        1500 UAH
        Diagnostics of the nervous system
        Diagnostics and treatment of dizziness
        600 UAH
        Diagnostics of vestibular neuronitis
        600 UAH
        Differential diagnostics of Meniere's disease
        600 UAH
        Diagnosis and treatment of central positional vertigo (due to stroke, etc.)
        600 UAH
        Vestibular rehabilitation
        600 UAH
        Diagnostics and treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
        600 UAH
        Medical interventions and ENT procedures
        Peak nasal inspiratory flowmetry (PNIF)
        50 UAH
        Smell Identity Test (UPSIT)
        Ear wax removal
        350 UAH
        Blockade of the nasal sinuses
        300 UAH
        Foreign body removal of nasal cavity
        200 UAH
        Foreign body removal of ear
        200 UAH
        Foreign body removal of larynx
        200 UAH
        Anterior nasal packing
        150 UAH per 1 side
        Anterior nasal packing (PVA tampon)
        250 UAH per 1 side
        Nasal packing removal
        200 UAH
        Endolaryngeal injection
        250 UAH
        Tonsils cleaning
        300 UAH
        Nasal douche
        300 UAH per 1 procedure
        1200 UAH for 5 procedures
        Maxillary sinus puncture
        500 UAH per 1 side
        Removal of benign neoplasms of soft tissues
        900 UAH
        Chemical cauterization (chemocaustics) of the vessels of the nasal cavity
        450 UAH
        Coagulation of the vessels of the nasal membrane
        650 UAH
        Tympanopuncture of the tympanic membrane
        600 UAH per 1 side
        Paracentesis of the tympanic membrane
        700 UAH per 1 side
        Grommet insertion of the tympanic membrane
        1300 UAH per 1 side
        Minimally invasive intervention (type I)
        500 UAH
        Minimally invasive intervention (type II)
        700 UAH
        Minimally invasive intervention (type III)
        900 UAH
        Fitting and adjustment of hearing aids
        Fitting and adjustment of hearing aids
        350 UAH
        Fitting of the hearing aid purchased at the Hearing Center (within 12 months after purchase)
        Fitting of the hearing aid purchased elsewhere (Oticon, Phonak, Widex, Unitron, Resound)
        350 UAH
        Making molds of the external auditory canal (one ear)
        300 UAH

        Request a consultation

        When to contact the Hearing Center:

        • noticed the first signs of hearing loss;
        • “ringing” in the ears, pain and / or discharge from the ear;
        • sore throat, pain in your nose and sinuses (upper cheeks, forehead);
        • foreign objects in the ears, throat, nasal passages;
        • need to adjust or replace the hearing aid;
        • regular annual check-ups.

        We use effective and gentle methods of ENT organs treatment. We guarantee high quality of care and impeccable professionalism of our staff!

        Fill out the form if you want the Hearing Centre administrator to contact you and schedule an appointment.

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