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    How often do you ask people around you to speak louder or to repeat what they said? Are you constantly trying to increase the volume of the TV, although others seem comfortable with the level of the sound? When talking on the phone you strain your ears as much as possible, but still, the other side of the conversation sounds indecipherable?

    Have you noticed the first signs of hearing loss in yourself or your loved ones? Do not delay a visit to the doctor! Timely consultation with an otolaryngologist is the key to successful treatment. Hearing Centre specialists provide professional consultations on hearing loss and effective methods to correct it

    Assessing auditory perception is important at any age. Regular hearing tests help to detect and correct problems with sound perception. It is especially important not to lose previous time in early childhood and identify problems before they begin to negatively affect child’s cognitive development.

    Otoacoustic emission testing (OAE) is used to screen the hearing in newborns. This is the most accurate, safe, and painless method of determining the functional state of the outer hair cells in the inner ear.

    Audiometry is used to diagnose the hearing impairment, this procedure allows to determine the causes and degree of hearing loss. This objective method detects hearing disorders even in the early stages. A timely hearing test makes it possible to take comprehensive measures to ensure that therapy and hearing correction are the most effective.

    Experienced audiologists of the Hearing Centre conduct diagnostic tests using state-of-the-art equipment from the new generation by the Danish company Interacoustics. Our equipment accurately determines the objective state of auditory function in both adults and children. We use different approaches to test the hearing condition for each age group.

    Audiometry measures hearing acuity. Depending on the method, it determines the subjective or objective auditory sensitivity to sound waves of different frequencies by recording air and bone sound transmission, the level of hearing discomfort.

    Depending on the age and needs of each patient, we apply methods of play audiometry, visual-reinforced (behavioral) audiometry in a free sound field, speech, pure tone audiometry. At the Hearing Centre, you can also examine the hearing by such advanced methods as auditory brainstem response (ABR) and auditory steady-state response audiometry (ASSR) – also known as objective computer audiometry.

    Tympanometry (Impedancemetry) examines the functional state of the middle ear: the volume of the external auditory canal; mobility of the tympanic membrane; the pressure at which the eardrum is most mobile; conductivity of the auditory ossicles. The recording of auditory acoustic reflexes is based on the recording of the contraction of the muscles of the middle ear under the influence of a sound wave.

    Based on the results of the diagnostic tests, the specialists of the Hearing Centre will objectively assess your hearing state and suggest appropriate next steps. Your audiometry results will be analyzed and explained in detail, you will receive a comprehensive description of the obtained results. Following a comprehensive assessment, the specialists of the Hearing Centre will suggest tactics for further treatment and rehabilitation.

    Entrust the care of health to the professionals of the Hearing Centre!

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